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January 25, 2014, at 17:00, the world premiere of Tatar opera White Wolf (Ak Bure) takes place. Over the past 7 years, it is a first premiere of  Tatar opera of such scale.

Tatar national opera artists have been preparing for two years. The idea of staging belongs to Alexander Sladkovsky. The libretto of a new opera worked young, but a budding poet, a laureate of RT State award after M. Jalil, Ruzal Mukhametsin known to the public by poems The Ninth dock and Freedom Square.

The plot of the opera was chosen by Tatarstan composer Zulfiya Raupova, mother of two children – according to her, namely the children allowed her, at this point, to get in touch with national Tatar fairy tales. “When I read the tale of Ak Bure, I realized that it was this thing I want to make into opera ” – Zulfiya Raupova said.

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