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Youth direction of the Community of Tatars of Dagestan “Tugan Tel” congratulated veterans

Youth direction of the Community of Tatars of Dagestan “Tugan Tel” congratulated veterans

In May holidays activists of the Tatarstan Community of Dagestan “Tugan Tel” visited veterans of the war and labor front and congratulated them on the 72nd anniversary of the Great Patriotic War.

The youth visited Zaytuna Bilyalova, Gulchira Ahsahanovna, Zagid Kerimov and Rashid Khabibulin. In the war years, they gave all their strength and did everything they could, at the cost of incredible labor, almost without leaving the shops, supplied weapons, spare parts and shells to the front.

Probably, for a long time already there are no heroes in the world who instead of leaving to fight men went down to mines or tried to plow frozen Siberian soil, then to bake bread for the fighting soldier. Most of them left the world and those who raised the military factories, who were exhausted and half-starved days did not leave the machine tools to provide the army with weapons. Most often, the definition of “workers in the rear of the Great Patriotic War” means children of   war. More precisely, who was a child in those terrible years, but not just lived a normal child’s life (however, then it was impossible), but worked in factories, state farms, hospitals, trying to contribute to the overall victory over the enemy.

As Zaytuna Bilyalova says, she worked during the war at the powder factory. Talking about hard times, even though many years have passed, she remembers everything in great detail about those years of total deprivation and heaviness. She was born in 1926 in the Volgograd region. She   is a veteran of the labor front. The father who served at  the Military Hospital took the family with him, and so in the end she got to Dagestan, where she got married, gave birth to two sons. Having worked in the transport department of “Dagestanavtotrans” for more than 30 years, went on a well-deserved rest.

Veteran Gulchira Ahsakhanovna, recalling that terrible time even after many years, telling, very worried and worried, as if living it all over again could not hold back tears. Gulchira Ahsakhanovna told that she had seen the whole war, that there was always a belief in the best of people, that after the announcement by the horsemen about the end of the war all the teachers in the school were crying. She told me how she ran barefoot home from school happy and screamed all the way: “The war is over, the war is over!”. To date, she is 87 years old. It is full of strength and energy.

They belong to the legendary generation of winners and creators who with honor passed through the hard trials of wartime, restored the country and created the foundation that serves us today.

We were very happy to personally congratulate our veterans. Those to whom we all our lives will be grateful for a peaceful sky and a quiet life. After all, we are the last generation who sees real heroes.

Community activists expressed their gratitude and respect to the veterans for giving the peaceful sky over their heads and gave them personalized greeting cards, ribbons symbolizing the Day of Memory and Honors, sweets.

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