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Shurale at the second in the St. Petersburg Art Festival

Shurale at the second in the St. Petersburg Art Festival

From May 10 to 22, the St. Petersburg Union of Artists hosts the Dandelion Planet art festival.

Everything here is fabulous and mysterious: our Tatar “Shurale” by Robert Mif successfully fit into the exposition, and “Golden City” with “Dream” by Elena Ostroy.

Robert Mif and his work “Fairy Dream”, based on the fairy tale “Shurale” by Gabdulla Tukay, oil on canvas

With exhibition organizer Olga Markelova
The exhibition will run until May 22 from 12:00 to 19:00, except Mondays. From Friday to Sunday, interesting master classes for children and adults will take place, you can find out more in the “Planet Dandelion” group.

The first exhibition titled “Planet Dandelion” took place in July 2021. The idea of ​​the event was born by the artist and writer Olga Markelova, who was inspired by the purchase of an unusual decoration first to create a fairy tale about the planet Dandelion, and then to an unusual exposition, which featured works by more than two dozen St. Petersburg authors on fantastic and fairy-tale themes. The exhibition turned out to be extremely popular with both the audience and the artists. Myths, legends and other fictional and non-invented magical stories resonate in the hearts and work of painters, sculptors, illustrators, jewelers, puppeteers, designers, theater and film artists, writers and musicians…

Who wants fairy tales to end? Everyone wants the magic to last! Therefore, the exhibition turned into a real festival of arts, a kind of landing of art troops in the world of fairy tales.

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