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18 new mosques    have  opened in Tatarstan in 2019

18 new mosques    have  opened in Tatarstan in 2019

The outgoing year in the life of the Ummah will be remembered for the opening of new Muslim religious temples and centers. In total, 18 new mosques have been opened in Tatarstan during 2019. So, the houses of Allah were illuminated by the mukhtasibats of Aktanysh, Apastovsky, Arsky, Bavlinsky, Buinsky, Mamadyshsky, Muslyumovsky, Nurlatsky, Sabinsky, Spassky, Baltasinsky districts, as well as the Soviet district of Kazan. Among them is the mosque of the village of Nazyar, Agryz district, the opening of which is expected on December 29. It is worth noting that in two districts, for example, in the Bavlinsky, Buinsky, Muslyumovsky and Mamadysh muhtasibats, even two mosques were opened during the year. The mosque, which opened at the colony settlement No. 17 in the village of Digitli, Mamadysh district, was one of the long-awaited. A wooden building and equipped with all the necessary taharathane were built by the Muslim prisoners themselves in just three months. Thus, today all the correctional institutions of Tatarstan are fully provided with mosques.

It is worth noting that the opening ceremonies of mosques were held with the participation of the mufti of Tatarstan, representatives of local authorities, patrons, sponsors, a Muslim activists  of the regions and villages. To share the joy of believers, Mufti Hazrat personally attended the opening of the Nail Mosque in Aktanyshsky District, the mosque in the village of Potap-Tumbarly in the Bavlinsky District, the Minnegul Mosque in the city of Nurlat and the Salyakh Mosque in Kazan.

In addition, 3 Muslim centers were opened this year in Tatarstan – the Kamaliya leisure and development center in Chistopol, the Ahmadzaki Hazrat Safiullin Muslim educational center in Nurlat, and the building of the Ihlas mosque in the village of Vasilievo, Zelenodolsky District.

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