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In 2019, the Halal Committee of the DUM RT  has  issued 124 certificates to enterprises

In 2019, the Halal Committee of the DUM RT has issued 124 certificates to enterprises

The ChUKKP “Halal Standard Committee” is the only certification body in the territory of Tatarstan that has powers from the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan  (DUM  RT)   to exercise control over  production and sale of halal products. In 2019, the Halal Standard Committee of the DUM RT issued certificates of compliance with the halal standard to 124 enterprises. There are 120 certified enterprises in the register of the Committee. 75 of them are from Tatarstan, the remaining 45 are from different regions of Russia. 13 enterprises produce meat products, 14 – poultry meat, 16 – semi-finished meat products, 14 – dairy and fat,  oil products, 25 – bakery and confectionery products, 15 enterprises provide catering services, the remaining 23 are engaged in other activities. The largest enterprises certified by the DUM RT Committee are: Chelny Broiler, Ak Bars Pestretsi, Akashevskaya, Makfa and Unilever Rus.

This year, during the meeting of the 17th General Assembly of the Word Halal Council in Indonesia, the Halal Standard Committee of the RTM RT was first approved and included in the members of the Executive Committee of the World Halal Council Council). In addition, the WHC  (World Halal Committee) certificate has also been extended to the Committee. The document gives the right to vote at meetings of the Assembly and take part in its activities. Thus, the certificate of this authoritative organization is evidence of international recognition of the Committee. The Committee first became a member of the WHC in 2014.

In order to develop trade, economic, sociocultural relations of Tatarstan with other regions and countries, to present the potential of the “halal” segment of the Russian economy and to evaluate Halal products and services of Russian suppliers, the Committee of the RTUM together with the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan organized the annual International Halal Exhibition in Kazan -industrial industry – “RUSSIA HALAL EXPO 2019”, which is one of the largest exhibitions in the Russian Federation since the development of the halal industry. RUSSIA HALAL EXPO 2019 demonstrated practically all spheres of the economy, combining companies in the food and nutrition sectors, cosmetics and chemicals, fashion and beauty industries, tourism and hospitality, wholesale and retail trade, finance and investment, consumer goods, etc. In total, over 100 exhibitors.

In addition, in 2019, the Halal Standard Committee of the DUM RT organized halal meals for participants in the 45th WorldSkills Championship in Kazan. About 2,000 servings were dispensed daily during the days of the competition in the halal food zone. Since the start of the competition, there have been given about 8300 servings prepared according to halal standards. Thus, more than 20% of all WorldSkills participants visited the halal food zone, including juniors under 18 years of age.

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