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A New Look at Tatar Music

A New Look at Tatar Music

URBANTATAR 24/7 the first online radio of Tatar alternative music. So far, two streams are working — progressive and vinyl. In the first one, the Tatar alternative, which has been released in recent years, sounds. Among them are Zulya, AIGEL, qaynar and others. Digitized Tatar records are playing in the vinyl stream — our golden fund — Haidar Bigichev, Alfiya Avzalova, Zukhra Sahabieva, Ilgam Shakirov and others.

The radio is available on the website (www.urban.tatar), on Apple and Android devices.

Apple: https://vk.cc/clpnuU
Android: https://vk.cc/c4b8UM

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