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Activists of Penza “Ak kalfak” at the session of the Executive Committee of Tatar autonomy

Activists of Penza “Ak kalfak” at the session of the Executive Committee of Tatar autonomy

February 24, the activists of Penza representative public organization of Tatar women “AK KALFAK” were invited to a regular meeting of the Executive Committee of Tatar autonomy of the Penza region. The agenda has been marked by a number of very important tasks.

First, the work begins on updating Tatar National Cultural Association (TNCA) website, where special place takes a rubric “Ak kalfak”. This proposal was made in the early years by Elmira Vasilyeva, a leader of the women’s collective. It is time to implement it. I am glad that now our bright events will have the possibility for more fully and thoroughly covering in Internet resources!

Then, the composition of a delegation for participation in the Festival of school theaters and children’s creative teams, who have prepared performances in the Tatar language has been approved.

Its opening was held in a Library and recreational center of the village Inderka Sosnovy Bor district. “Ak kalfakers” wish a successful completion of this exercise, a positive resonance and

the ease in carrying out it to our respected and very talented colleague, an activist of the “Ak Kalfak” director of Library-Recreational Center Shagvaleeva Gyuzyalkhan Saitovna and Shagvaleeva Venera , an artistic director of the folk ensemble “Bylbylym”. The delegation will be headed by Akzhigitov Bakir Usmanovich, chairman of ROO TNCA.

On the third stage of the meeting of the Executive Committee members very seriously have analyzed the preparation of A Charity concert, scheduled for March 25 in CDR after Kirov in Penza. For each item was given the floor responsible for performing organizing moments. The most important statement was the words by Bakir Usmanovich that the entrance to the event was decided to make free! All expenses are taken by our esteemed Tatar patrons as well as successful Penza businessmen headed by the Executive Committee.

On the issue of “Miss Tatarochka (Tatar girl) 2016” finally a venue, estimates and prize money have been settled. A Beauty contest will be held in a restaurant “The 7 sky” by group of companies “Kagan”.

At the end of the meeting, “Ak kalfakers ” staged a surprise holiday celebration of men’s composition of the Executive Committee.

Elmira Vasilieva presented a symbolic gift, a souvenir, a clock with a Muslim flavor. She had read the poems, filled with patriotism and gratitude to our men for an infinite sense of unity and security. Bakir Usmanovich, himself an officer, Elmira thanked on behalf of all former soldiers, noting a pleasant and

very significant moment that poems were sounded in the Tatar language!

-Let start in our co-creation a NEW TIME of good deeds for the sake of preserving and increasing the Tatar culture! – Elmira Hamzeevna said.

Her greeting was supported by friends from women’s organization. Leila Trengulova handed defenders a fruit and cream cake with the inscription “Kaderle duslarga, vatan batyrlaryna!” Firdaus Tumerkina presented to the tea table a honey homemade cake with the words: ” Bal-mai yausyn tormoshybyzga, bergya bulyl, bergya buldyryek!”

Gyuzyal Safarova, Yuulduz Nevmvatullina, Gulnaz Abdullina staged a festive photo shoot.

Adelsha Rakhmatullin, Fatih Zyuzin, Rizaddin Bibarsov, Iskander Asmaev along with chairman Bakir Usmanovich warmly thanked ladies colleagues on social activities, and with great high spirits began drinking a fragrant tea.

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