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Tatarstan’s Day celebrated in Dmitrov town

Tatarstan’s Day celebrated in Dmitrov town

February 20, 2016, in Dmitrov Central district library the Day of Tatarstan was celebrated.

First, according to the program a video was shown. Then, a library director Z.L. Zlotnikova congratulated all on a holiday. A F.Mukhtasarov thanked the library staff, particularly directress of a reading center Shakhova A.A. for the preparation of the event. He handed the books on Musa Jalil “Moabit Notebook” (author A.Ahtamzyan), “Mordovian Song” (from the Regional Autonomy Mordovians MO) and Calendar with indication of national and religious holidays to the library.

Next, the Ensemble “Yalkyn” made a literary-musical composition dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of the poet, Hero of the Soviet Union M. Jalil. F. Mukhtasar showed and commented on the slides, which depicted the native village of the hero, the opening of the monument in Moscow, the daughter of M. Jalil, Chulpan Museevna, a prison in Berlin, where the poet and his comrades were executed.

Beautiful songs and dances by the ensemble “Yalkyn”, which accompanied the audience throughout the evening, left nobody

indifferent. At the end general dances of the event participants took place.

The evening has ended by a home drinking tea at a large table, where chatting and songs singing kept on. People were departing with the words of gratitude to all the organizers.

On the same day the constituent assembly was held to create a local Tatar national-cultural autonomy of the Dmitrov district.

The meetingwas attended by representatives of the Tatars from all over the region and even by the guests from neighboring towns and from Moscow.

The agenda discussed and adopted the Charter of the Organization, the Council of 7 persons and of Auditors was elected. Then, at its first meeting, the Council elected to the post of chairman the well-known and respected person in the area, a farmer Ramil Ravilyevich Bulatov. Chairman MO RTNKA F.Mukhtasarov noted that R. Bulatov is a worthy representative of the Tatars, speaks Tatar language, plays national musical instruments and sings Tatar songs. He has a big and reliable family, and without family support one can not be productively engaged in social work. Also, chairman of the regional autonomy F.Mukhtasarov announced that this year the Moscow Regional holiday Sabantui would be held in Dmitrov. The audience enthusiastically embraced this information.

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