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At the Chelyabinsk region  “Tatar House” has appeared

At the Chelyabinsk region  “Tatar House” has appeared


October 23, 2019

A new tourism program has started at the South Urals.

In the village of Redutovo,  the Chesmensky district, a new cultural and tourist site – “Tatar House” has appeared. It  became part of the People’s Museum project and represents the life, traditions and culture of the Tatar people.

“This is not even a house, but a whole complex. The first part is the dugout in which the real Tatar family lived. And although the dugout is very small, six people could fit in it at once, ”says Marina Ovchinnikova, a specialist in tourism of the culture department of the Chesmensky municipal district. – Then this family increased its prosperity and built a new traditional Tatars’ house in the first half of the 20th century. By its example, we show the modern life of the Tatar village. Objects of tangible and intangible heritage are stored here in their natural environment. The residents of Redutov themselves helped us to collect them. In general, this is a Muslim village, which was formed as a result of the resettlement of 28 Tatars from the Orenburg region here. To this day, they honor their traditions, including knitting an Orenburg shawl. ”


Excursions have already begun to come  to the Tatar House. The culture department of the Chesmensky district is assured that it is interesting to spend the whole day there. So far, residents of the Chesmensky district managed  to visit it mainly. And from the beginning of next week, an extensive tourist program for students from Chelyabinsk and the entire region “Tatar holidays” (which coincide with school ones) with a complete immersion in the bright world of Tatar culture, economy and life of the village of Redutovo, starts for the first time here. It includes excursions to the Tatar House, a mosque, archaeological and ethnographic monuments in the vicinity of the village, spinning, weaving, acquaintance and training in traditional cuisine, animal care: feeding, milking cows, cooking koumiss. And the evening gatherings and the Tatar disco will complete the program.


We add that earlier, in August, the “Cossack House” was opened in the village of Chernorechye, Troitsky District, which reflects the life and life of the Cossacks.



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