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Contest of national women’s head-dress

Contest of national women’s head-dress

It has become a good tradition to hold meetings at the International public association “Tatar-Bashkir cultural heritage” Chishma “in Belarus. This time the festival with national color brought Tatar women living in Minsk, it passed on 23.05, 2016, at the House of Moscow. The leitmotif of the meeting were the following words:

«Hey kalfagym, kalfagym, kalfaklar kiyar chagym!

kunelemya yam biryache, nur buldy kalfagym shul. ”

The organizers were activists of the public association “Chishma”. We have to recognize that in today’s world ancient national traditions became forgotten, we have to move away from our native language, identity and cultural values of the people, especially strongly reflected when you live away from home sources … And so the main content of the program was the role of women in a family, in the society in preserving the traditions, language. The evening began with the opening of the exhibition of head-dress. All the participants with

love and diligence made “ak kalfak”. Next, E.A.Levshevich – delegate of the 4th World Forum of Tatar women in Kazan told about the forum, what decisions have been made about what was a full program. Kalfak tyue (wedding kalfak) produced at all an unforgettable impression. She expressed gratitude to the organizers of the World Forum of Tatar women.

Madina Kasimova gave a presentation on the outstanding Tatar women – Magrui abystay Galieva, Fatima Nauruzova, Sufiya Dzhanturina, Mukhlis Bubi, Sarah Shakulova, one of the Tatar women with higher mathematical education, received a diploma at the Sorbonne, a mother of Chingis Aitmatov, Nagima Aitmatova having brought up such wonderful, world-famous children during extremely difficult years, left alone after her husband’s death.

Further, our evening Matshina Fagilya continued with astory about Tatar national clothes, the origin and types of female headdress called kalfak. A large number of Tatar women’s headdresses was sewn by hands of our women. Then a contest of Tatar national costume was held in which children and young people took part.

Inna Sheikh held a master class on making Tatar female headdresses and ornaments.

Elvira Levshevich

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