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“Cup of the Urals” among the ice caves

“Cup of the Urals” among the ice caves

An event of national scale will take place in the city of Kungur, famous for its ice caves. The All-Russian Open Tournament on wrestling koresh “Cup of the Urals” will be held here from   November 10 to 12.

On the territory of the Perm region this tournament will be organized for the second time. Traditionally, the “Ural Cup” gathers more than 150 athletes from different regions of Russia. Competitions are held among men and boys in seven weight classes. According to the results of last year’s competition, the cup was won by the Bashkir wrestlers.

We note that at present, koresh, as a sport, is developing rapidly in about 40 regions of the country. Federation of Russian Koresh  is actively working to popularize this unique kind of wrestling. Koresh is a traditional kind of single combat of Turkic peoples with a thousand-year history, but today they are interested in representatives of other peoples. Dynamic bright fight with a variety of different high throws  attracts the attention of both professional athletes and beginners on the carpet, of course, fascinates the young guys. It is important to emphasize that the international belt wrestling federation successfully is  operating. This organization annually conducts international competitions, creates its branches in foreign countries. Competitions on koresh only in the current year 2017 have been  held in Paris, Bulgaria, Russia. In the World Championships for the Turkic Nations “MINGER”, which took place in July, representatives from 22 countries of the world took part!

The “Cup of the Urals” will be held on the basis of the physical fitness center “Blue Whale” in the city of Kungur. The opening ceremony of the sports festival is scheduled for November 11, beginning at 10 pm. Guests will get a bright prologue with the Tatar national color, a draw of prizes from the Federation of Russian Koresh, ​​and, most importantly, breathtaking wrestling matches.

The organizers of the All-Russian tournament are the Federation of Russian Koresh, ​​the leadership of the municipal district, the administration of the city of Kungur, the local Tatar community.

Press Service of the Federation of the Russian Federation

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