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On November 7, the Republican Prize named after Marcel Salimzhanov will be presented

On November 7, the Republican Prize named after Marcel Salimzhanov will be presented

The award, established by decree of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, is presented for a significant contribution to the development of professional theatrical art of the Republic of Tatarstan to creative collectives  and creative workers. The award is handed  to three winners once every 2 years. In 2015, the winners were the actor of Kamal, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan Rinat Tazetdinov, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Gumer Mardanov,  chief director of the Nizhnekamsk State Tatar Drama Theater after  T. Minnullin  Rustam Galiev.

Each award includes a special prize, an honorary diploma and a cash reward of 200 thousand rubles. The competitive commission includes prominent cultural figures of Tatarstan. Chairman of the commission is the Minister of Culture of RT A.M. Sibagatullin.

A solemn ceremony of delivery of the award named after them. M.Salimzhanov will take place on the Grand  Stage of the Kamal Theater on November 7 before the premiere of the play “Mirkay and Aisilu” by N.Isanbet staged by Ilgiz Zainiev. Media accreditation: [email protected], 293-83-18, 89274464542.


Information: Marcel Khakimovich Salimzhanov was born on November 7, 1934 in Kazan to the family of actors Khakim Salimzhanov and Galiya Nigmatullina. After graduation, he entered the law faculty of the Kazan State University named after V.I. Ulyanov-(Lenin), but left the last year and continued his education at the director’s faculty of GITIS named after A.V. Lunacharsky in Moscow.

After graduating from the  GITIS, in 1962 he became the director of the Kazan Youth Theater. Since 1966 he has been working as the chief director of the Tatar Academic Theater named after G. Kamal and at the same time he teaches at the Kazan Theater School and the Kazan Academy of Culture and Arts (professor since 1992).

M. Salimzhanov performed 88 plays of national drama, domestic and foreign classics, included in the gold fund of the Tatar Academic Theater. G. Kamala.

M. Kh. Salimzhanov died on March 26, 2002. He was buried in the Tatar cemetery in the Novo-Tatar sloboda of Kazan.

Titles and awards M. Salimzhanov: Honored Artist of the Tatar ASSR (1969), laureate of the State Prize of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic named after G. Tukay (1971), Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1975), laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR named after Stanislavsky (1979) , People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1980), People’s Artist of the USSR (1984), Order of Friendship of Peoples (1994), Laureate of the National Theater Award “Golden Mask” in the nomination “For Honor and Dignity” (2001), full member of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan (2001) .

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