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Days of Tatar culture in Budapest

Days of Tatar culture in Budapest

May 28 and 29, 2016, in Budapest, for the second time, with a great success the Days of Tatar culture were held. The organizer of celebrations has acted the Tatar society “Alifbe” acting under the Culture and Education Fund, “Alphabet”.

The opening of the Days of Tatar culture took place at the House of culture in the cultural district VII of Budapest. Welcoming remarks have been pronounced by a representative of the ruling party in Hungary, “Fides”, advisor of mayrolty of the 7th district of Budapest City Hall on work with community organizations Balazs Szucs and director of the house of culture “Eryomyuvkhaz” Hamvas Levente Piter. In their speeches, they stressed that Budapest is a multicultural city, and the holding of Days of Tatar culture would enable the residents of Budapest more closer to get acquainted with folk traditions and culture of the Tatar

people. Taslima Khamidullina – the director of the Historical Club, the representative of “Tatneft” read out a greeting from the President of the Republic of Tatarstan R.N. Minnikhanov to the participants and guests of the festival Sabantui-2016, Albina Ganeeva, Tatar activist movement from Chelyabinsk, read out a greeting from the President of the Congress of the Tatars of Chelyabinsk region Lena Kolesnikova. Welcomes were translated into Hungarian. Gulgena Karimova, director-chief editor of the newspaper “Mayak” presented souvenirs from the head of administration of the Aznakaevo district of Tatarstan Mars Shaydullin to representatives of the Hungarian authorities and the Chairman of the Board of Cultural and Educational Foundation “Alphabet” Rita Khasanova. In her speech, Rita Khasanova noted that the Tatar and Hungarian languages share many words that have much in common, also in the cultural traditions of the two peoples. And if our people and relatives that are exactly our common ancestors lived in a “big village”, conveniently located between the Urals and the Volga, so we were good neighbors.

For Hungarian guests workshops on coloring and assembling skullcaps, on decorating boots with national ornaments, big-screen movies on Tatarstan were shown.

Celebrations were continued by a big concert of Tatar artists arrived in Budapest with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan. People’s Artist of Tatarstan Zainab Farkhutdinova, a well-known musician and accordionist Aidar Valiev, a 17-year-old singer, a laureate of international contests Zarina Bikmullina, post-graduate student of the Institute of Language, Literature and Arts, Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan Gulnara Khairullina have appeared on stage. The Hungarian audience warmly has received the Tatar artists. The concert was also attended by other local artists, including the folk ensemble “Sudarushki”, the dance ensemble “Shkatulochka.” The evening traditionally has ended by tasting baursaks.

The next day, May 31, Sunday in the central park of Budapest “Városliget” Sabantuy was held. As part of the International Children’s Day every year in the biggest park of Budapest a grand celebration is held, at which various countries of the world are presented. Patron of the event is the Chairman of the Hungarian Parliament, one of the founders of the ruling party “Fidesz” Laszlo Kevir. Tatar children’s Sabantuy has organically fit into this program. Children gladly took part in Tatar national pastimes: running in sacks, eggs in spoons, broking pots, pulling rope and more. And on the main stage of the

park Tatar artists performed. The Hungarian side has provided us free tent and meadow in front of the stage for children’s amusement. In a festive atmosphere, in the presence of the guests the main 6kg chak-chak pie, brought by the Tatar delegation from the Congress of Tatars of Chelyabinsk was cut. The Sabantui holiday has ended by dinner with Tatar Diaspora and guests from Hungary, Russia and Tatarstan.

The Culture and Education “Alphabet” fund, Tatar society “Alifbe” is grateful to the administration of the 7th district, the International Fund for Child Protection, Cultural and Educational Foundation “Ashtangayoga” Russian Embassy in Hungary and the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan, the World Tatar Congress, the Congress of Tatars of the Chelyabinsk region for the support of the Tatar Diaspora in Hungary and assisting in the promotion of Tatar culture in Europe. This gave the possibility to conduct such a wonderful children’s holiday, and to familiarize the Hungarian audience with yet another aspect of the cultural life of our multinational Russia. Among the activists it is worth to mark active participation of Elvira Galiakberova, Gulnara Sabirova Gulnara Hasanova, Diana Boyats Gergё, Robert Hasanov, Farida Mursalimova, Schaffler Noemi, Müller Larissa Kozak Raisy. Great thanks! Suhr rehmet!

Rita Hasanova, chairman of the Tatar society “Alifbe” Head of Cultural and Educational Foundation “Alphabet”

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