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Djien of compatriots in Germany

Djien of compatriots in Germany

In Tatar communities calendar around the world is usually a “red” date, which makes our fellow –countrymen start off the road and go for many miles to meet each other: it is Sabantui in June. The calendar of Germany Tatars has two such dates since 2005, here, in autumn, always a great Djien of the compatriots takes place. Summer – meeting in East Germany during Sabantui, and September – October in the west of the country, in Frankfurt am Main, a call sign “Tatarlar kile!” again convenes all the Tatars on the road.

October 11, 2014, in a suburb of Frankfurt, Langen, the regular annual autumn meeting of the Tatars took place. Besides, the countrymen, who came from all over Germany, on a visit to jolly Tatar party, Tatars of Belgium have arrived led by Lilia Valeyeva. Yes, not with empty hands came our guests. They brought good cheer, dance and vocal performances. Almost ten hours continue this perky marathon, which was attended by nearly one hundred guests. Everyone had the opportunity to show off his talent: singing, dancing, showed little skits, old friends embraced after a long time,

making new acquaintances. Fragrant Tatar tea, steaming on the tables, and food to it were cooked by our hostesses under the direction of the permanent chef of all Tatar Djiens Razif Khafizov.

One of the most memorable moments of the meeting – a romantic marriage proposal to our Tatar beauty Gulnur Pyursun from Frankfurt, made by her long-time admirer from Germany Magnus. Magnus has learned love song in the Tatar language and performed it, and then before all the assembled asked her in the Tatar language as the question: “Will you be my wife?” (“Minen Khatym bulasynmy?”), Pulled out a velvet box a ring, kneeled and dressed it on the finger of almost fainted with surprise and crying Gulnur. This, of course, no one expected, all clapped vigorously, supported Magnus, having embraced his beloved. Yeah, Brazilian and Mexican soap operas do not compare with such Tatar passions !!!

And, of course, just a colorful decoration of Dzhien was a performance by amateur and professional artists, who had been seconded from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan. This precious pearl in the necklace of the concert program was the performance by Ilyus Huzin, owner of rare beauty crystal voice Aydar Suleimanov already loved by the Germans of Germany on previous performances, but now, after the stunning success in the qualifying stage Turkvision, he was greeted with a thunderous applause.

And of course, thanks to the organizers of this meeting: first of all, the founder of this tradition Bari Dianov, his assistants and fosterlings – Rimma Tsimmerling, Naila Bethke, Ilyas and Azide Yambaevs, as well as all those who took part in the preparation and holding the festival.

Early in the 2000s, Bari Dianov was one of the first who issued a call to find the Tatars in Germany. It is thanks to him, in 2002, in parallel with Sabantui in Berlin, in the west of the country for the first time a Sabantui passed. And in 2005, he became founder of the tradition – the autumn meeting of the Tatars in Frankfurt, which each year attracts more Tatars and Bari efende always the first one, who meets Tatar guests to this event. I thank him very much for such a wonderful tradition. Now everyone will look forward to Sabantui, which is to be held next year on June 20 in Berlin.

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