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“Dreams and Fears of Shurale” at  the Literary Museum of Gabdulla Tukay

“Dreams and Fears of Shurale” at the Literary Museum of Gabdulla Tukay


“Within the framework of the 35th anniversary of the Literary Museum of Gabdulla Tukai, an exhibition of experimental works by the young artist Danil Akhmetshin “Dreams and Fears of Shurale” opens.

The project “Dreams and Fears of Shurale” will show viewers works from the series “Shuralestan”, on which Danil Akhmetshin has been working since 2015. The series began with a single postcard and expanded to a whole universe where the heroes of Tukay’s fairy tales, Spider-Man and the most diverse cultural context coexist.

The illustrations from “Shuralestan” show the author’s interest in the problem of the gap between the local Tatar and modern world cultures. The author tries to combine his hobbies in different cultural contexts, the works combine the motives of the Tatar stage, Shurale, Su-anasy, neftekachek, grindhouse, Khadi Taktash, Gayaz Iskhaki, AC / DC, antiquity, Metallica, Chelnov, Abe Sapiena, Tukay, Superalis and retro fiction. These, at first glance, incompatible images easily get along with each other in the artist’s work, as in the head of any modern Tatar teenager.

The exhibition continues a series of exhibition projects dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the birth of Gabdulla Tukay. Prior to that, the museum hosted an exhibition “Offering to Tukai” – the works of famous artists Viktor Arshinov, Ozad Khabibullin, Mikhail Kuznetsov and Asia Semyonova. Then the baton was picked up by young masters of the brush, presenting at the exhibition “Tukai – fashionable!” his vision of the life and work of the great Tatar poet.

The exhibition “Dreams and Fears of Shurale” is available until August 26 with tickets to the Tukay Museum.





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