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Feast at the Tatarsky  Kanadei

Feast at the Tatarsky Kanadei

June 26, 2017,  the village of Tatarsky  Kanadei of the Kuznetsky district, Penza region celebrated the 25th anniversary of the mosque

Celebrations to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the mosque at the Tatarsky  Kanadei passed with a hospitality typical of the locals, who had  made the anniversary bright and large-scale. The official part of the holiday was preceded by the morning prayer. On a significant event, the Muslim community  to congratulate came  head of the administration of the Kuznetsk region Valery Kostin. During the speech, Valery Kostin emphasized a high culture of relations and good-neighborliness, in which, following the traditions, the multinational population of the Kuznetsk region lives.

In this regard,  head of the regional administration marked  with honorary diplomas not only active citizens of the settlements of the Bolsheroevsky village council, but also other residents of the Kuznetsk region, who distinguished themselves in business, sports, culture, education, health. With words of congratulations to the present, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, Ildar Akchurin  addresed. As part of the holiday, Ildar Anvarovich presented diplomas and souvenirs to the participants of the regional festival “My Years are My Wealth.”

On the 25th anniversary of the Muslim temple, all the assembled   congratulated imam-ahund of the  mosque from village   Bestyanka of the Kuznetsky district Islam-hazrat Davydov. Since the morning on the holiday radio newspaper has been working, broadcasting about the history of the village of Tatarsky  Kanadei, its outstanding residents and landmark events. Teachers and students prepared rollups with information on the development of schools of settlements of the Bolsheroevsky Village Council.

Representatives of educational institutions also presented pastries in  trading rows that unfolded at the celebration. Here offered to sell their products   folk craftsmen and masters of decorative-applied art.

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