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The First Tatar Professor

The First Tatar Professor

In the Great Reading Room of the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan  a book exhibition has  opened from the funds of the Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books “The First Tatar Professor”, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Tatar historian, writer and critic Gaziz Gubaidullin ( 1887-1937).

Gaziz Salikhovich Gubaidullin is known in the Tatar culture as a major scholar,  historian and writer. The versatility of his talent manifested itself in such areas as history, linguistics, literature. Entered into the history of Russia as the first Tatar professor, he freely would speak and write in the languages ​​of the Turkic peoples,  knew well Arabic, Persian, Russian, German, French. His works have always been deeply scientific, grounded, and at the same time understandable for his contemporaries. G. Gubaidullin brightly manifested himself in fiction, publishing works under the secret pseudonym G. Gaziz. He took a special place in the Tatar literature of the early twentieth century as a master of short stories.

During his short life G. Gubaidullin has  created numerous scientific works, carried out research, wrote works of art and was engaged in scientific pedagogical activity. His works have not lost relevance today, which is clearly demonstrated by the exhibition “The First Tatar Professor”. It is possible to get acquainted with the lifetime editions of the scientist about the history of the Tatars: “The History of the Tatars” (Moscow, 1925), “The History of Classes in the Kazan Tatars” (Kazan, 1925), “The Origin of the Tatars and the Golden Horde” (Kazan, 1924). Of interest are books on the history of Tatar literature, written in collaboration with another talented Tatar scholar Ali Rahim. Among them  the History of Tatar Literature. Ancient period “(Kazan, [1922]),” History of Tatar literature. The period of feudalism “(Kazan, 1925). His articles published in the beginning of the twentieth century in the journal “An”: “How do you understand the nation?” (1913, No. 22), “On the poems of Sagit Ramiev” (1913, No. 12), “Young Hearts” in Modern literature “(1913, No. 11).

The exhibition will run until October 1, 2017.

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