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He has been buried in his native village Manzaras of Kukmor Region of Tatarstan

He has been buried in his native village Manzaras of Kukmor Region of Tatarstan

Today in Kazan, at the Menzhinsky House of Culture, a civil funeral of the Hero of the Soviet Union Sabir Ahtjamov has been held. RT President Rustam Minnikhanov, RT State Councillor Mintimer Shaimiev, RT State Council Chairman Farid Mukhametshin, RT First Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Pesoshin, Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin, chairman of the Republican public organization of veterans (disabled) war and military service of RT Major General Akhat Yulashev, Chairman of “Heroes of Tatarstan” Ildous Mastyukov, Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Kuznetsov, heads of ministries and departments, as well as relatives, colleagues, friends and all, who knew and respected Sabir Akhtiamov came to pay last respects.

“Today we have a very hard day, we bid final farewell to Sabir Akhtyamovich. This legendary, heroic man, he is an example not only for our republic, but for the whole country. A man from simple village of Kukmor region, happened to be at war, manifested heroism, continued to serve in the Armed Forces. In 1991, he returned his home in Kazan. In our hearts Sabir Akhtyamovich will remain the way he was. On his example, we will raise our youth, “- said a mournful speech Rustam Minnikhanov.

Next, took the floor State Councillor Mintimer Shaimiev: “Heroes are going away. We must preserve and cherish the memory of them. Sabir Akhtyamov – hero of our people. Cherished memory about him will be always with us. Let he rest in peace, and his soul in paradise. Thanks to compatriots, who come here on such a day. ”

“Seeing off Sabir Ahtjamov, the journey beyond I can only say that it is a wonderful man of great modesty, has done a lot for our state. This truly an outstanding citizen of our country “, – Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Kuznetsov said.

In turn, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan Artem Khokhorin noted that Sabir Akhtyamov by his heroic deeds personified a whole era when the country had fought against fascism, when it had been restoring, an era when the new times arrived. “We are happy that we could shake his hand, communicate. A living legend, he taught us a lot, he was a very modest, but at the same time optimistic person, Never, not a complain about something, asked for domething, “- Minister said.

After the end of the mourning meeting, a coffin solemnly was carried on Karl Marx Street to Liberty Square under the sounds of the orchestra, accompanied by a guard of honor.

Sabir Akhtyamov died July 20 at age 88. Sabir Akhtyamov has been buried today in his native village Manzaras of Kukmor Region of Tatarstan.

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