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“Kurshelek” brings people together

“Kurshelek” brings people together

In the city of Kopejsk a peculiar association with the interesting name “Kurshelek” is operating.

An amateur club association “Kurshelek-neighborhood” was founded in 2011. Reason for uniting of the like-minded people was a will to preserve cultural traditions of the Tatar people, which subsequently resulted in creating of original, Tatar association “Kurshelek”, which means “neighborhood. Initial tasks pf the association were: revealing multi-faceted image of the Tatar people; preservation and propaganda of traditional values of Tatar culture; saving features of self-perception in the context of other nations; development of respect for the cultures and customs of other nations.

To this end, we have organized a collection of household items, crafts, literature … People carry everyday objects not only of the Tatar people, but also other nations. So, a museum of old things has appeared that bears imprint of its time and culture of people of different nationalities, our neighborhood. So, the collective “Kurshelek” happened to be a “memory keeper”, and a creator of the museum at the House of culture named after M. Lermontov in Kopeisk city. On the basis of the museum – association, open lessons are held for pupils, exhibitions, round tables on the history of culture, meetings with interesting people, parties, workshops, cooking and tasting national dishes.

Work of the club association is inseparable from the life of the city in which we live: take part in the cultural program of urban activities such as election days, the days of all-Russian holidays, day of remembrance and mourning, subbotniki … Together with schools, libraries thematic lessons, meetings and exhibitions are held.

Due to the fact that we live side by side with people of different nationalities and, of course, different cultures, faiths, different views, club association “Kurshelek” has transformed into “Kurshelek – Sosedstvo (Neighbourhood)”, where an influx of people, who cherish peace and harmony in our big home – Russia. And the following tasks became obvious for club association: to create a platform for

dialogue between different ethnic groups; formation of civic identity; spiritual enrichment, mutual understanding between people of different nationalities and faiths.

“Kurshelek – Sosedstvo ” is on friendly terms with Chuvash regional cultural center “Havas.” Joint projects have been implemented: concerts, exhibitions, holiday Akatui (Chuvash sabantui), a soiree, “We – different, but we – together”, joint gatherings, tea parties, shows and trying-on of national costumes, exchange of national souvenirs. “Kurshelek” not once met with a German cultural center “Warm House”.

In the future, it is expected meeting with other ethnic and city centers of Kopeisk, Chelyabinsk, Emanzhelinsk, Korkino, cities of Chelyabinsk region. So gradually, interethnic friendship is arising in joint meetings, projects, exhibitions – all this brings, a feeling of comradeship. This is a great thing: to live in peace and harmony as good neighbors. We hope bring all the neighbors togather at a large amicable round table .

Asset of the “Kurshelek-Sosedstvo ” – a close-knit team with creativity, as evidenced by diplomas of various events, festivals, competitions, etc.

Now, the staff of “Kurshelek” is preparing for a trip to the city of Kazan.

Alfira Murtazina

Head of the association “Kurshelek”, Chelyabinsk oblast.

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