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Dialogue of Generations at the holiday table

Dialogue of Generations at the holiday table

Iftar – breaking of fast, an evening meal in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, during which, as is known, believers keep a strict fast – Uraza. Fasting, in turn, is one of the five pillars of the religion of Islam, and is prescribed to all the adults and healthy Muslims. In a hadith, the following words: “For every Muslim charity or benevolence, he committed during the month of Ramadan, the Almighty pays tenfold reward, which may reach seven hundred, and all that will be counted in his favor; but for observing fasting, Allah promised believers a special reward. “Also during this month, increase manifold a chance to repent and be forgiven, drag the scales of its own actions on the side of good. “Fasting is observed for me, – says the Almighty – and I reward for it.”

Fasting in due form purifies the Muslim, both physically and spiritually, at the same, abstinence helps a full man to understand the state of hungry, to recognize and appreciate the grace of God. In addition, a complete rejection of simple human needs even on the hottest summer and grueling days allows Muslims to demonstrate their faith fortress. At sunset and nightfall, bans are removed, and after the evening prayer, time comes for Fitr. To organize and conduct a dinner for their loved ones, friends, and just those who need it, every believer is able even who is not fasting. They say that the guests, who came to Iftar, carr Blessing with them. Note that the Grand Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan Yerzhan kazhy Malgazhyuly in his congratulatory message on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan called everywhere to organize Fitr dinners.

It is known that for a long time that a traditional religion of the Tatars is Sunni Islam of the Hanafi madhhab. Past in a restaurant “Sabantui” meeting was designed to acquaint Tatar youth with the basics of their religion, and to receive a blessing from the older generation, having hold Iftar as one happy family. The invited guests were connoisseurs of Islam religion: Mullah Rafis Nasibullin, Hazrat, Imam of village Zhezkent Ramil Rakhimbayev, and enjoying a deserved respect and authority among the Tatars and all the Muslim believers of Semei Mullah Farvat Abdullin. Separate place at generously covered dastarkhan was offered for venerable abystaylar – mature women, who know the traditions, customs and ceremonies of the Tatars, and the canons of Islam. During persecution of religion, namely because of them,

education of young people in accordance with the Muslim creed, a spiritual bond between generations has been retained.

Before the meal participants watched videos about the blessed month of Ramadan. After the evening prayer, time came for general breaking of fast (Fitr). During the meal, the young people had an opportunity to ask Islamic scholars their questions and get satisfactory answers to them. So, thanks to meeting, young people learn firsthand about the features and fasting month of Ramadan. Among other things, lads and girls were also able to find out why fasting person is recommended to break the fast with dates, what is Sadaqah Fitr, and whether during Lent kissing is permissive. A lively dialogue at the holiday table of several generations was accompanied by reading surah from the Holy Quran.

As president of the union of Irtysh Tatars and Bashkirs “Hack”, Director of the Tatar arts school of Semei, Honored Worker of Culture, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Gabdulhak Akhunzhanov marked that the event made him feel special:

– Tatar nation has been preserved thanks to the religion of Islam, and it is gratifying that today it finds its continuation in everything that was embedded in the traditions of our people hundreds of years ago.

He expressed gratitude to the organizer and the invited guests. Everyone was able to appreciate the culinary skills of young girls, who cooked national dishes.

In reply, the younger generation congratulated all the upcoming Uraza bairam thanked elders for visiting, noting that it is through such meetings, they can get closer acquainted with the customs and traditions of their people.

Eldar Nurullin

Photos by Regina Sarsekova

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