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World Forum of Tatar Youth

World Forum of Tatar Youth

From August 1 to 5, 2014, in Kazan, a regular VI World Forum of Tatar Youth to be held. Participation in the Forum will take more than 600 representatives of the Tatar youth from 24 foreign countries and regions of the Russian Federation and Tatarstan.

Program of the VI World Forum of Tatar youth includes plenary and work in 3rd sections, which this year it was decided to held in format of the school projects. Among them, “Min Tatarcha seyleshyam m” and TatWeb. National education and modern technology in the study and preservation of the native language, the problem of bilingualism in the Republic of Tatarstan “; “Ruk. Historical consciousness of Tatar youth and spiritual values of the Tatar people “,” Business for the young “.

The forum will also arrange presentation of the projects, which l offers the delegates themselves, as well as discussion on the theme “Young Tatar family and trials facing it,” tours of Kazan Kremlin, Old Tatar settlement, Bulgar, visit the City Day in Arsk where delegates of the Forum together with honored artists of Tatarstan demonstrate their creative items, concert and entertainment programs, including the popular concert performer from Australia and Zulya Kamalova and Mubay.

World Forum of Tatar Youth was established in 2004. Then, its first convention, ha been attended by 484 delegates from Tatarstan, Russian regions and 16 countries.

According to the Charter of forum (Congress) of this international organization, it is held every two years. Its goal is to find ways to preserve the younger generation of Tatar national values such as knowledge of the native language, its history and culture, defining benchmarks development of the nation in the near future.

Forum is organized by the Board of “World Congress of Tatars,” the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Council of the World Forum of Tatar Youth.

Today, the Forum brings together and coordinates about a hundred youth social, religious and cultural organizations worldwide.

Inauguration of the Sixth World Forum of Tatar Youth is to be held on August 2, at the theater named after Galiaskar Kamal. It is expected that as the last time senior management of the Republic of Tatarstan will join the event .

The working language of the Forum is the Tatar language.

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