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In Samara,  memories of war  action held

In Samara, memories of war action held

The Samara branch of “Ak kalfak” held a painstaking work of audio recording memories of childhood of military veterans of labor, home front workers, children of the war years, devoted to 70 – anniversary of the Great Victory.

Participants in this action were residents of villages Mochaleevka – Hadicha Bakhteeva, Minnenur Yakhina, Minhayat Iskhakova, teacher of Mochaleevskoy school Ramil Bulatov, head of the Tatar folk ensemble “Yalkynly Yashlek” Ilgiz Kolyuchev, head of the “Ak kalfak Samara” Razia Aiupova.

Each of the memories touches a listener to the core, fates of people are different and, at the same time, united by one experience for their loved ones who did not return from the war.

Difficult childhood, overwork and heavy memories of the war did not break these people, but gave them worldly wisdom.

War, without exception, has touched every family, and it is our duty to remember this and keep the memory of it for future generations.

Aisylu Kurmaeva-Abdeeva,
Deputy Chairman of the Samara branch of the “Ak kalfak.”

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