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The most memorable holiday  is approaching  – Day of the Great Victory

The most memorable holiday is approaching – Day of the Great Victory

Tatar community in the regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries with dignity are congratulating the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers.

In a center of Tatar culture in Tyumen “ The Wall of Memmory” has been inaugurated, in honor of those who returned from the war and those who remained on places of fierce fighting for their homeland. Among them are the awarded by medals “For Courage”, order-bearers – the Red Banner, Red Star, World War 1-th degree, Knights of the Order of Glory of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree, Heroes of the Soviet Union. A solemn right to open the “The Wall of Memory “, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War was given to the Tyumen City Duma deputy – Yuri Alexandrovich Baranchuk. Opening of the “Wall of Remembrance” was accompanied by creative theme items.

To congratulate the veterans of the Great Patriotic War came a representative of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Tyumen Region – Iskander Hazrat. Also, among the guests of honor of the holiday was present a prominent public figure, the champion of the world on radio-sports, author of books, an honorary representative of the older generation of national cultural autonomy – Ziyatdin Hyyalovich Nizamov. The hearts of audiences were touched by raucous stories about the war told by holiday guests Nurdzhiyan Khairullina – World War II veterans and Elvira Sergeevna Afonkina – a member of the veteran community “Zarechnoe Obschenie”, the daughter of a soldier of the Great Patriotic War. Bowing before those who sacrificed their lives, gave the future to the whole world – all of us. Thanks to all family heroes who look from black and white photographs of “The Wall of Memory”. Thanks to everyone who keeps the memory of them and share their memories with us. The “Wall of Memory” ” will be able to visit by everyone. And as an independent exposition it will run until the end of May this year, and will be updated further. We also want to remind everyone that each of you can become a member of another national campaign dedicated to the 70 – year anniversary of Victory “The Immortal Regiment”, in which it will be possible to march with a banner, a photo of his soldier (among relatives, relatives of soldiers and veterans who took part in Great Patriotic War), who will never be able to go on parade on May 9th.

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