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In Tatarstan Kaz emese began

In Tatarstan Kaz emese began

Geese is the poetry of rural life. Spring meadow, small children herding geese. Summer memorized to all by river full if a whitening flock of geese and a chain of birds returning home in the evening. As soon as snow falls and water goes under ice, harvesting birds – “kaz emese” begins.

In the village of Bolshiye Tigany of Alekseevsky region of Tatarstan this tradition is honored, it teaches industriousness, ability to enjoy life and pass it on from generation to generation.

All works – feather dressing, firing of goose carcasses on fire, rinsing geese in the river, must be performed according to accepted rituals. During the first half of December, 11 such subbotniks were held. And judging by experience of the participants, they are not regarded as work, but as a beautiful holiday, an occasion to socialize, have fun, show yourself.

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