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In Ulyanovsk oblast preparations for the All-Russia village “Sabantui” 2016 discussed

In Ulyanovsk oblast preparations for the All-Russia village “Sabantui” 2016 discussed

Functions of the Directorate for preparation and holding traditional Tatar national holiday in the Staryie Kulatky were assigned to the Fund “Ulyanovsk – the cultural capital.” This decision was taken up following a meeting of the organizing committee on preparation for the VII All-Russia village “Sabantui” chaired by the Governor Sergei Morozov. “Sabantui – a truly invaluable legacy inherited from our ancestors, we must not only maintain but also to multiply, to add a new flavor,” – Sergey Morozov said.

All-Russia village “Sabantui” will become a large-scale celebration of labor and sports, Tatar national games, songs and dances. The idea of holding such a large-scale event is aimed at preservation and promotion of national identity and traditional cultural values of the Tatar people.

At present, the organizing committee has already been created, it conducted a comprehensive work on

organizing the festival, its main sites, developed a general scheme of the All-Russia Sabantui in Staryie Kulatky. It is planned that more than 500 participants from 32 regions of Russia come to the Ulyanovsk oblast.

“On the eve of the All-Russia Tatar national holiday June 3, a Secular Sabantuy will be organized for the residents of Ulyanovsk, who gather in key areas of the regional center to get acquainted with the best examples of Tatar creativity. This event will be a prelude to the holding of the VII All-Russia Sabantui in Staryie Kulatky, and enable to speak more to the Ulyanovskers about diversity and national color of Tatar culture “, – Minister of Arts and Cultural Policy Tatiana Ivshina said.

Besides, the VII All-Russia village Sabantui in Staryie Kulatky has entered the National event calendar of 2016. By now, a two-day travel ticket to visit the events of 3-4 June 2016 has been prepared.

We remind that the Tatar national holiday “Sabantui” is held in the region every year since 1991. The event is part of a plan to implement the Strategy of the state national policy, developed at the initiative of the Governor Sergei Morozov in performing the May Decrees of the President Vladimir Putin. Twice in the region “Sabantui ” of federal significance was carried out: in Dimitrovgrad in 2003, in Ulyanovsk in 2009. The

Ulyanovsk oblast again has got the honor to hold in 2016 a federal rural “Sabantui ” in Staryie Kulatky. The fact that region has been selected for such an important event is not accidental. The initiative of the Governor on organization of the federal Sabantui in the region has been approved by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan. “Rights to All-Russia village” Sabantui “are honored only for those regions of the Russian Federation in which in a whole working on creating comfortable living conditions for different peoples and, in particular, measures to preserve the traditions and culture of the Tatar people are at a decent level,” – explained Deputy Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Olga Nikitenko.

The Governor and the Government of the Ulyanovsk region

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