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“Muslim youth can also have fun”

“Muslim youth can also have fun”

“Muslim youth can also have fun”

July 19, 2018

For the Islamic Forum in Bolgar, foreign participants are expected for the first time.

Tatarstan is preparing for the sixth time the Forum of Muslim Youth, which will start on July 22 and will be held at the Bulgarian Islamic Academy.

“The main goal pursued by the Muftiate is the transfer of the Muslim heritage from the ancestors of our youth,” said Ilfar khazrat Hasanov, deputy head of Tatarstan.

According to the organizers, 170 people from 16 regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia will come to the forum. Participants from abroad to the event will come for the first time.

– Glory to God, that we live in Tatarstan. If we compare our republic with other regions, then our fellow believers and young people live much harder. And their main problem is that they are not organized, they are not united. And the goal of our forum is to gather in one place – in Bolgar, with its ancient history and tradition – young guys, “Ilfar hazrat stated.

In addition to the association, the organizers of the forum, in the person of the DUM RT, also set themselves the task of translating the youth a correct understanding of Islam, not distorted and without error. For example, he continued to argue that there is a well-established opinion in society today that if a person decided to accept Islam, then he has moved away from worldly affairs and worries, locked himself in his world.

– In fact, Islam equates every person and does not call for a distance from the whole world. And the Muslim youth are the same ordinary people. Just their main difference from others – they need five times a day to read namaz. Muslim youth can also have fun. Their life is not filled only with Islam, the Koran and akiyda (belief) – says Ilfar hazrat Hasanov.

Participants of the Forum will be boys and girls from 18 to 35 years. It will last a week. The program includes training in Islamic disciplines, preparing and presenting your own projects, brain-rings, master classes, the sports Olympics and even Sabantuy.

Aigul Biktimirova,  head of the social development department of the DUM RT, remembered that there are examples when participants get acquainted at the Forum, fall in love, and then create families. True, this year it was decided to conduct classes and sports competitions between girls and boys separately.

– I run ahead and want to answer those who are indignant, that the Forum will not have the opportunity to meet guys with girls. We still have a joint meal, and we’ll get to know you, “Aigul Biktimirova smiles.

She also talked about the participants from Indonesia. We are talking about two girls who plan to enroll in Tatarstan universities. They have already visited volunteers on the republican iftar. There they got acquainted with the representatives of the Muftiate, who invited them to participate in the Forum.

The main guest of the event will be the modern Muslim theologian Abu Ali al-Ashgari. He will give lectures on akyid and hadith.



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