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On August 29-30, the “Pechen Bazaars” festival will unwrap on the Staro-Tatar Sloboda

On August 29-30, the “Pechen Bazaars” festival will unwrap on the Staro-Tatar Sloboda


“Pechun Bazary” is an annual street festival in Kazan. The theme of the festival this year is dedicated to ancestral dynasties and family values.

The festival program traditionally includes a design market, a national food court, master classes for children and their parents, city tours, an alternative music scene and other themed venues.



About 100 Tatar designers take part in the work of the design market; stylized Tatar products will traditionally be presented here. National designers will present clothes and accessories with embroidery, leather wallets and shoes, home furnishings, postcards and handmade souvenirs.




At the food court, you can taste the national street food and purchase natural products from farmers in Tatarstan. Local producers will offer visitors kazylyk, cheese, craft tea and other home-made products.




Both days of the festival will be organized free excursions along the embankment of Lake Kaban and the Old Tatar settlement.


On August 29-30, excursions “On a scooter and a bicycle – around Lake Kaban” and “Zabulachnaya Republic” (in Tatar) will take place


On the second day of the festival, an excursion about the merchant dynasties of the Tatar settlement in Russian is planned.


The excursions start at the monument to Sh.Mardzhani.


Guides: Radif Kashapov, Ayrat Fayzrakhmanov, Lilia Kalimullina.




“OK. quest “invites participants to try on the role of a treasure hunter and participate in the search for the khan’s treasures hidden in the Kaban Lake and carefully guarded by the fabulous Azhdaha. “OK. quest “is a great opportunity to relax with family and friends. Applications for participation are accepted until August 25.


The organizers of the quest are the online conversation club SkyTat and the Ufa Book Club.




On the slope near the Al-Marjani mosque, a tea lecture hall from the “Open University” will be held


Lecture program:


Open discussion: “Literature Today: Taboo Topics and Unwritten Works”

Moderators: Louise Jansuar – Director of the Theater for Young Spectators named after G.Karieva


Aydar Shaikhin – Director of the House of Tatar Books


Exchange of experience: “Slow-living in the Tatar way: is it possible to slow down time?”

Organizer: Leila Leron, blogger


Invited guests: singer Ilyusa Khuzina, choreographer Nurbek Batulla, calligrapher Aizat Mingazov


Overview lecture: “40 projects for 40 languages”

Rimma Gumirova – coordinator of the project “For the languages ​​of the Russian Federation”


Lecture “Garden – the space of personality”

Alfrid Bustanov, Ph.D.,


Deputy Director of the Institute of History. Sh.Marjani


“Me and 126 people in shezher”

Lecture and master class on shezhere (pedigree)


Dilyara Gafiyatullina – compiler of shezhere with over 1000 names, leading blog @tugannar_ and psychological transformation game


Poetic interactive with the participation of young poets, musicians, actors “Poets and” just writing poetry “”

Moderator: Guzel Zakirova, young poet.


Achyk University is an educational platform created on the basis of the World Forum of Tatar Youth. The platform presents courses on relevant, interesting topics, fascinating lectures with the involvement of lecturers with deep knowledge and modern thinking.




During the days of the festival, from 12 to 18 hours, master classes for children and their parents will work:


Painting gingerbread in the form of Tatar national patterns

Felt bracelets and jewelry

Making head jewelry

Clay Ornaments

Manufacturing of ceramics with a national flavor

Making and painting of honey and gingerbread with a national theme

Arabic calligraphy

Young guests of the festival will receive master classes from the Yabalak early development center, the Sabyilar child development center, the Shayan TV entertainment channel for children and adolescents in the Tatar language and the Sabantuy magazine and face painting from Salavat kupere and from Art! Wow.




The musical partner of the Pechun Bazary festival is the Yummy Music label.


Scene of the first day: Azat Gyimadiev, Elina, Ilgiz Shuikhraziev, Tatar rock group GAUGA and Timur Yamalov (Ufa)


Second day: Fauzia, Yatmas Dusai, Abadeli, KRAPIVA and the Kart Ayak rock band.


The beginning of the festival “Pechun Bazaars” on August 29 at 12:00 on the embankment of the lake. Boar. Free admission.




The Pechun Bazaar (Hay Bazaar) festival was first held in April 2013 and was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the death of the Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukai. The aim of the festival was to recreate the atmosphere of the early 20th century – the time when Tukai lived and worked. A fair was opened near the walls of the Nurullah mosque right on the street. The place was not chosen by chance – the Sennoy Bazaar served not only as a place for selling various goods, but also as a place where the Tatars of Kazan met and communicated with each other, learned and reported news, i.e. The Hay Bazaar was the center of the cultural and social life of the Tatars of Kazan.

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