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Opera “Kara Pulat” will be shown in the city of Bolgar under the open sky

Opera “Kara Pulat” will be shown in the city of Bolgar under the open sky

The opera “Kara pulat” (“Black Chamber”) by composer Elmir Nizamov will again be presented to the audience. The return of the musical work is dedicated to the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgaria. The opera was staged in 2015 with the support of the Renaissance Foundation under the direction of the State Councilor of Tatarstan Mintimer Sharipovich Shaimiev. On May 18-22, this opera was sold out at the Tinchurinsky Theater.

Many artists who performed the premiere seven years ago are involved in new shows, there are also new names. The main roles in the opera are performed by the artists Ilyusa Khuzina, Artur Islamov, Ilgiz Mukhutdinov, Denis Khanbaba. Also participating in the performance are Dina Venediktova, Elina Safina, Diana Mukhutdinova, Elvira Kalislyamova, Anisa Valieva, Polina Zinnatova, Olzhas Meirmanov, Dinar Sharafetdinov, Dmitry Dorofeev, Leonid Timashev, Aidar Mukhametdinov, Dinar Khaibullin, Ruslan Khabibullin and others. In the opera, the Tinchurin Theater is represented by People’s Artist of Tatarstan, Honored Artist of Russia Zufar Kharisov, Ilnur Bainazarov and Zulfat Zakirov.

The author of the libretto is the People’s Poet of Tatarstan, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation Renat Kharis, the stage director is the Honored Art Worker of Russia, the People’s Artist of Tatarstan Georgy Kovtun, the musical director and conductor is the laureate of the M. Jalil Prize Ilyas Kamal, the production designer is Vladimir Samokhin, costume designer – Asel Ismagilova, choreographer – Honored Art Worker of Tatarstan Fanis Ismagilov, choirmaster – Dina Venediktova, accompanist – Aigul Zainullina.

According to the project producer, director of the theater K. Tinchurin, Honored Worker of Culture of Tatarstan Fanis Musagitov, the next performance of the Kara Pulat opera will take place on the territory of the ancient city of Bolgar in the open-air format (under the open sky). The other day, the State Counselor of Tatarstan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Republican Fund “Renaissance” Mintimera Shaimiev held an off-site meeting on this issue. “Bolgar is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This place has an outstanding value for the whole world. And we need projects to get people interested in studying history,” he said.

We remind  that the plot of the opera is based on the Tatar legend of twelve girls who were burned by the soldiers of Tamerlane. During the capture of the Great Bulgar, the soldiers of the Samarkand Emir Tamerlane captured twelve beautiful girls, one of whom was the daughter of the Bulgar Khan. The warriors must deliver her to Tamerlane himself as a concubine, but they cannot find out which of them is the Khan’s daughter. They subject the girls to various trials, but the faithful friends of the khan’s daughter do not betray her and in every possible way enclose her, misleading Tamerlane’s soldiers. However, someone informs that the khan’s daughter does not burn in the fire. Nuker of the Samarkand Emir orders to drive all the girls into a stone chamber, surround it with firewood and set it on fire. Fire surrounds the room.

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