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Penza “Ak kalfak” visited orphanage

Penza “Ak kalfak” visited orphanage

The Penza “Ak kalfak” visited a shelter for children, which is located in the town of Kamenka. At the moment, the shelter is taking care for 14 children. Here they for a certain term … and then either the parents are corrected and take them back, or the children are sent to a boarding school. The basic age of children – under-fives.

Director of the orphanage Tatiana Plekhanova showed us the conditions in which children live. A special thanks for help goes to our entrepreneur Tagir Ravilyevich Abdrashitov. He gave the kids furniture to the dining room. But the “Ak kalfak” did not come with empty hands: our regular patron Fyaryuzya Mikhailova (native of the village Kikino of the Kamensky district, now lives in Moscow) helped children with clothes, shoes, diapers, dishes in the kitchen. All the kids were handed out sweets. The children were so curious: asked about kalfak, saw

how it was sewn and they wondered how it is kept on the head …

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