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Roundtable on “Morality”

Roundtable on “Morality”

October 23, The Hosue of Culture “Sputnik”, in a town Kamenka, of the Penza region held an informative meeting-discussion on “Spiritual and moral education”, which was attended by Tatar girls aged 10 to 16 years.

At the beginning of the event the conversation was led by psychologist and gynecologist Galina Rudometkina. She touched upon the topic of chastity, morality, soul, faith, self-confidence, showed also the exercises, then performed a test survey. From the point of view of religion, these topics have been disclosed by Imam-muhtasib of the Kamensky, Pachemsky, Belinsky districts Hazrat Hamzah Enikeev. At the conclusion of the meeting the children have been presented by souvenirs.

Elmira Vasilyeva

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