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People’s art – a mirror of the soul

People’s art – a mirror of the soul

MIR_1470Creative collectives of the regional Tatar cultural center Fergana showed their new theatrical concert program “People’s art- a mirror of the soul”.

A key participant and the director of the musical performance, which took place on the stage of Russian Drama Theatre, became the folk ensemble of Tatar song “Kubalyagem.” Over five years, participants of this women’s collective, who ably is led by Gulfia Kashipova, delights Fergana residents and guests with their talented performances and large-scale creative projects, “Tatar winter evening”, “Celebration Goose” literary evening of G. Tukai “and others. … And herein, most of the participants are 60 long ago.

MIR_1533The concert program presented this evening, was very impressive and truly a national one. A plotline of the concert, included fragments of folk tales, its musical component with beautiful Tatar songs and fervent dances, caused the admiration of the audience. They also liked the fact that little children and youth took an active part in a program.

Immediately after the successful concert of creative collectives, the Center begins a thorough preparation for its annual summer event “Sabantui ” – the main holiday of the Tatar people.

Ravil Tugushev

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