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The book about mother of Chinghis Aytmatov

The book about mother of Chinghis Aytmatov

A new book of a writer and a historical sciences candidate Fauziya Bayramova saw the light in Kazan. The documentary book titled «Ана» («Mother») tells about the lifeway of a tatar woman, who gave life to a worldwidely known writer – Chinghis Aytmatov. The materials for the book were collected by the author as in Tatarstan – the homeland of Chingis Aytmatov’s grandfather, specifically in Machkara, where he was born, and in the archives of Kirov (Vyatsk) and Malmyzh, where some documentary materials are still available; and in Kyrgyzstan, where Chingis Aytmatov’s mother – Naghima Aytmatova-Abdulvaleeva – was born and lived. On her visit to Kyrgyzstan Fauziya Bayramova met with other children of Naghima Aytmatova-Abdulvaleeva, met with the closest relatives, read and learned many documentary and literary facts about the both families. Thus, the book reflects the destiny of tatars, who left the homelands but could found a new life in the strange kyrgyz-kazakh lands of Tian-Shian mountains and kipchak prairies. Through MOTHER’s eyes author also gives an analysis to the lifeway her children as a nation went, recounts her children’s losses and gains and underlines the role of a MOTHER in preserving the national identity.

The book is written in scientific-popular genre, consists of many historical and documentary facts which will also help a reader to account the realities of those and current days. The book is published with the support of World Congress of Tatars and will be distributed among the participants of the III World Congress of Tatar Women.

Cultural-Historical Heritage Fund press-center.

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