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PROGRAM OF VI World Forum of Tatar Youth

PROGRAM OF VI World Forum of Tatar Youth

Day of arrival of the delegates. Check in, registration and accommodation of participants

13.00-14.00 Visit to the Kul-Sharif Mosque

14.00-16.00 Tour of the city of Kazan

17.30-18.00 Presentation of youth sports near the G.Kamal theatre

18.00-20.00 Jubilee of literary-musical evening youth magazine “Idel”

AUGUST 2 (Saturday)

09.00-10.00 Exhibition of handicrafts of the Republic of Tatarstan in the theater lobby of G. Kamal theatre

10.00-13.00 Opening of the Forum. plenary Session

5.00-17.00 Workshops / School projects:

  1. “Min Tatarcha syulyashyam” and “Tatweb”. National education and advanced technology in research and preservation of the native language, the problem of bilingualism in the Republic of Tatarstan, and
  2. “Rukh”. Historical consciousness of Tatar youth and spiritual values of the Tatar people;
  3. “Business for the Young”

20.00-22.00 Concert by Zulfyai Kamalova and Mubay

AUGUST 3 (Sunday)

09.00-11.00 Summing up the work of the school projects, presentation of new projects. Elections to the governing bodies WFTY. Adoption of the final documents

11.00-12.30 Discussion: “Trials of the modern Tatar family”

16.00-19.00 City Day in Arsk attended by delegates of the World Forum

23.00-00.00 Action “Min tatarchas syulyashyam”

AUGUST 4 (Monday)

Tour of the Bulgar Museum-Reserve

AUGUST 5 (Tuesday)

Check out the delegates and guests of the Forum

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