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Sabantui in Jizzak – a symbol of unity of the people

Sabantui in Jizzak – a symbol of unity of the people

Favorite holiday of Tatars and Bashkirs, Sabantui, has been organized by the regional Tatar national cultural center “Idel” in our city, held in the banquet hall of the regional charity fund “Mahalla”. The celebration was attended by over 200 people.

A festive ceremony has been opened by Mullah of Tatar Diaspora of Jizzak region Abyi Rizvan, who read out a congratulatory message from President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Then, the audience was congratulated on the national holiday by Chairman of the Regional Tatar National Center (TNC) “Idel” Akhat Gizatulin. He noted that for decades, working closely and enriching each other with their spiritual values, in a big happy family in Uzbekistan live representatives of various nations and nationalities. The government creates all the conditions for preservation and prosperity of traditions, customs, way of life, cultural heritage and language of these peoples. A striking confirmation for this – festivals of friendship under the motto “Uzbekistan – our common home” conducted in the country, region and districts

Further, participants of the festive event have been congratulated by representative of the Russian cultural center Petr Suprun, chief specialist of the regional department of public education Tatiana Kizenko, doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Institute of Jizzak Fania Akhmedshina and Presenter of the Uzbek national TV channel, of the Tatar-Bashkir transmission, journalist Ruzima Khisamova and others.

During the event, a representative of the regional administration Olim Meliboev congratulated the guests and participants on the national holiday Sabantui handed activists of TNC “Idel” diplomas from khokim of Jizzak region Saifiddin Ismailov, expressing gratitude for their contribution to strengthening inter-ethnic harmony and tolerance.

Holiday celebration continued amateur team from Yangiyul Tatar-Bashkir social and cultural center, who performed lively Tatar folk songs and dances. The highlight of the program was the presentation from the city of Chirchik by Abdullina Gulnara, who pleased all by excellent performance of the popular Tatar songs. Diversity in the holiday program also made modern music, compositions and songs of the peoples of the world that was

presented by a musical family in tandem – the activists of regional TNC “Idel” Zaid and Marlen Dzhelyalovs.

Feast with the holiday pilaf, singing, dancing – all this turned into a bright and exciting festival where participants actively and enthusiastically participated in the competitions and games.

– Sabantui – a pearl of the national spirit, living spring of Tatar culture, – Professor Fania Akhmedshina said . – This holiday is a living example of the continuity of generations, a symbol of mutual understanding, unity of the peoples, which is confirmed by today’s celebration, attended not only the by Tatars and Bashkirs, but also representatives of other nations living in our area.

In conclusion, the chairman of the regional TNC “Idel” Akhat Gizatulin expressed deep gratitude for the attention and support for annual and favorite holiday of the Tatar Diaspora to khokim of Jizzak region S.Ismayilov, Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Uzbekistan V. Tyurdenev, Mission of the Republic of Tatarstan in Uzbekistan, chairman of the regional charity fund “Mahalla” A.Sattarov.

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