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Ruslan Mukhaev: “Guests of Sabantuy will discover a new Mordovia”

Ruslan Mukhaev: “Guests of Sabantuy will discover a new Mordovia”

At the beginning of July of this year, the XII All-Russian rural Sabantuy will be held in Mordovia. Festive events will take place in the villages of Lyambir and Aksenovo. Ruslan Mukhaev, Chairman of the Regional National-Cultural Autonomy of the Tatars of Mordovia “Yaktashlar”, Head of the Mordovian Regional Branch of “Opora Rossii” spoke about the significance of the “IM” event.

“Sabantuy is a holiday that is perceived as one’s own in our country, regardless of nationality. Therefore, it is fair that this event received the status of All-Russian. Historically, it takes place in the format of a festival in different regions. This year our republic was lucky to hold Sabantuy. Mordovia is no stranger to hosting high-level events, but now we have a special responsibility. At a time when external forces are trying to split our family from within, distort our history, divide our Russian people along national, religious and cultural lines, we must be united more than ever. Sabantuy is a holiday that unites people of all nationalities, cultures and confessions.”

The leadership of the republic has created an organizing committee for the preparation of this holiday. Ruslan Mukhaev is one of its members. He invited the inhabitants of Mordovia to express their ideas on holding Sabantuy.

For the holiday in Mordovia, the organizers expect a large number of guests from all regions of the country and neighboring countries.

“The event will have a positive effect on the development of entrepreneurship,” says Ruslan Mukhaev. – Business events, round tables, seminars will also be held at the Sabantuy site. Our business will have the opportunity to build new connections, and guests will discover a new Mordovia. Do not forget about the heritage of Sabantuy, its social capital and landscaping will remain after the event and will be effectively used to increase the attractiveness of our region. The organizers are faced with the task of not only holding the event with dignity, but going down in history as the best Sabantuy that took place on the Mordovian land.”

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