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Rustam Minnikhanov addressed the State Council of Tatarstan

Rustam Minnikhanov addressed the State Council of Tatarstan

President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov delivered a traditional message to the deputies of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan.

“Hormyatle deputatlar, hormyatle vatandashlar!

Dear deputies and the invited!

Dear people of Tatarstan!

The successful holding of the World Cup in water sports, a victory for the right to take the world championship in the professional skills the WorldSkills, the results of elections of the President of the Republic and the representative bodies of local self-governments have demonstrated a high level of development of Tatarstan, its recognition in Russia and abroad, as well as support for Tatarstan policy to increasing economic potential, quality of life and the consolidation of society.

All this – the result of a large hard work and loyalty to the course chosen by a quarter of a century ago.

For two and a half decades of the new statehood the Republic has managed to create a modern economic system, lay the foundations for the well-being of people, while retaining strong potential generated by previous generations.

Today Tatarstan – an original and self-sufficient Russian region. We have become a leading center of innovation and the

introduction of modern technologies, especially in oil production, refining and petrochemicals, engineering and IT-sector. Introduced and are gaining momentum major productions. On the map of the country, a new city Innopolishas appeared . Kazan firmly secured the title of sports capital of Russia. Serious steps have been taken in the revival of historical and cultural heritage.

Figueres speak for themselves: GRP exceeded the level of 1.6 trillion rubles., There have been significant changes in the structure of the economy, the share of the manufacturing sector in industry reached 70%, while the commodity segment – lowered 22%, oil processing volume increased more than 2 times . As part of the order 30 republican and federal programs for 5 years built more than a thousand social and cultural facilities.

The main result of our social policy is a positive trend in demographics and an increase in life expectancy.

The successful implementation of major projects and programs contributed to the full support of our initiatives by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Government of the country.

Tatarstan, being one of the sustaining walls of the Russian Federation has consistently supported the course of the country’s leadership to strengthen its statehood – building a strong Russia.

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