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Sabantui celebrated in Surgut

Sabantui celebrated in Surgut

The festive marking  the  end of sowing works by tradition is held at the initiative of national communities of the city. However, judging by number of the guests, gathered on a square  at the theatre SurGU,  it became an all-city festive.

Sabantui  in Surgut began with performances of creative collectives from capital of Tatarstan  «Kazan» and  Bashkir   «Sibai», In the city of gas and oil workers « festive of plow» enjoys a great popularity and not only among Tatars and Bashkirs. Representatives of various nationalities came to the square before SurGU where celebrations had been organized.

Hosts of the festive managed to recreate for Surgutyanians  and guests of the city  the environment of  a true Sabantui with traditions and customs. National clothes,  songs and dances, dishes of Tatar and Bashkir cuisine, and certainly, oriental hospitality. All this  for guests, having come to the festive, never already to forget it ,  TK «SurgutinformTV informs.

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