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The author’s concert of Rashid Kalimullin “Missing Kazan” will take place

The author’s concert of Rashid Kalimullin “Missing Kazan” will take place

May 30 in Kazan, in the Grand Concert Hall after  Salikh Saydasheva will host the author’s concert by Rashid Kalimullin “Missing Kazan”.

The concert, performed by the Orchestra of the Sofia Gubaidulina Center for Contemporary Music under the direction of Anna Gulishambarova, will feature symphonic works: “Symphonic Frescoes”, “Symphonic Dances”, the symphonic picture “Sounds of the Forest”, a concerto for violin and orchestra, soloist – Stanislav Malyshev (Moscow) , concerto for saxophone and orchestra, soloist – Maria Shumarina. Elza Islamova and Aidar Suleymanov will perform melodic and heartfelt songs loved by everyone. The Chamber Choir of Tatarstan under the direction of Milyausha Tamindarova will perform the vocal-symphonic poem “Kazanna Sagynu” – “Missing Kazan”. Conducted by Samira Latyp (Moscow).

The concert program will include works written by Rashid Kalimullin with deep and tender love for the people, for his native city:

“I love Kazan very much in the early morning, when it is just getting light. At this moment, birds begin to sing with a whole many-voiced orchestra, each in its own way, the sunlight is gaining strength, and the air seems to shimmer and ring. And at these moments it seems to me that I see pictures of the past … But the main idea that I would like to convey to the viewer is love for my people. Our people have endured many hardships and troubles, endured years of hardship and times of upsurge, energetic upsurge, times of hope. I believe you will hear all this in my music and understand what cannot be expressed in words.

Rashid Kalimullin is one of the leading contemporary composers in Russia, laureate of international competitions, laureate of the D. Shostakovich Prize, musician, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, whose compositions are successfully heard in many European countries, in the USA, China, Hong Kong and Japan , he is the chairman of the Union of Composers of the Republic of Tatarstan, chairman of the board of the Union of Composers of Russia.

The concert starts at 1830.

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