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The new 5th season of the “Yash Kilen” project has started

The new 5th season of the “Yash Kilen” project has started

A new 5th season of one of the most popular and demanded projects among Muslim youth “Yash Kilen” has started in the Religious Board   of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan. Yesterday, on the 6th day of the month of Rabi al-Awval (October 12), the first meeting-acquaintance with the project participants took place in the Galeyevskaya mosque in Kazan. Due to the sanitary and epidemiological situation, “Yash Kilen” this time will be held mainly in the online format.

Not only residents of Kazan, but also other regions of Russia (Sverdlovsk region, Pervouralsk, Ulyanovsk, Sarapul, Ufa, Pyatigorsk, Orenburg, Buraevsky district, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Cheboksary, Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Petrozavodsk) and even from Kazakhstan – over fifty participants in total   take part.

At the first meeting, Aigul Khanum Biktimirova, head Religious  Department of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan, and the curators of the project met the girls. To work in the offline project, the participants were given notebooks, and the girls from other cities were delighted with  fast  arrival of parcels with working materials and souvenirs.

The next meeting will take place on October 19, where the imam-khatyb of the Iman Nury mosque, Niyaz Hazrat Zakirov, from the point of view of Sharia and family psychology, will tell the girls how to choose the right husband. We remind  that the course program includes:

5 video lessons: acquaintance (hitba), nikah, rights and obligations, prenuptial agreement, talak;
5 verification tests;
7 text lessons: female awrah and hijab among Tatars. On matrimonial rights and relations with relatives. Women’s physiology and issues of contraception in Islam;
3 live lessons: Sharia specialist, psychologist, sexologist;
2 marathons: Sunnah Household and Emotional Intelligence;
a telegram channel with ayats, hadiths, quotes, notices, parables about family and love;
closed channel on Instagram for live broadcasts, etc.


The Yash Kilen project is being implemented with the aim of strengthening family values ​​among Muslim youth and is dedicated to various issues on the topic of marriage from the point of view of Sharia and the traditions of the Tatar people. Participants in the format of meetings and video lessons are told about the primordial national traditions, the religious and legal aspects of marriage, the rights and obligations of husband and wife, makhra and the marriage contract, female and male psychology, etc. In addition, Muslim women have the opportunity to learn how to cook national dishes, take care of children, and meet guests. Psychologists, lawyers, doctors, scientists are involved as speakers.

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