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The traditional Tatar national holiday “Sabantuy-2021 ″ was held in the village of Kamyshly, Samara region

The traditional Tatar national holiday “Sabantuy-2021 ″ was held in the village of Kamyshly, Samara region


The traditional Tatar national holiday “Sabantuy-2021 ″ was held in the village of Kamyshly, Samara region

This year, Sabantuy was dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the Samara province and the 30th anniversary of the Kamyshlinsky region. The head of the region Rafael Bagautdinov took part in the holiday.

Rafael Kamilovich warmly and cordially congratulated everyone on this wonderful holiday. “I am very glad to see  happy, smiling faces of my fellow countrymen. I am glad to welcome the guests who have come to the holiday, which is a vivid evidence of a careful attitude to history, to the culture of peoples living in peace and friendship on our Kamyshlinsky multinational land, –  head of the district addressed the audience. – Sabantuy is closely related to labor. Today we glorify our villagers: farmers, grain growers, livestock breeders, workers in other sectors of the economy. Thanks to the well-coordinated work, agricultural enterprises successfully carried out the spring field campaign, laid a good foundation for the harvest in 2021. I sincerely thank all the villagers for their tremendous work and tireless care for their land. Let the plow holiday charge you with enthusiasm for new labor exploits!

Allow me, on behalf of all residents of the district, to express my sincere gratitude to Governor Dmitry Igorevich Azarov, the regional government for the help and support provided to the village workers for the successful implementation of programs in the district. Sincere gratitude for assistance and joint work in the interests of improving the quality of life of the residents of our region, for sensitivity, constant attention and support, for good deeds, should be addressed to people’s deputies – State Duma Deputy Viktor Alekseevich Kazakov and Samara Provincial Duma Deputy Vladimir Anatolyevich Subbotin.

The main wealth of the region is, of course, its people. In strengthening all spheres of life of the region, as well as historical, cultural foundations and traditions, undoubtedly, it is the merit of our dear fellow countrymen, who, with their work, achievements in all spheres of activity, glorified our region. I am grateful to you for your comprehensive support!

I want to say the warmest words of gratitude to our esteemed war and labor veterans, home front workers. After all, the anniversary of the region and our province is your anniversary. You raised the district after the war, made a huge contribution to the development of the economy and social sphere of the district.

It has long been customary for the arrival of guests to clean and decorate the hut. Observing the traditions of our ancestors, and we were preparing for our holiday. In all rural settlements, active work was carried out to organize and conduct environmental clean-ups to improve and improve the sanitary condition of settlements, clean up springs and river banks, and plant green spaces.

From time immemorial it has developed that gifts for Sabantuy were collected by the whole world. It is gratifying that this tradition is still alive today. Organizations, enterprises of the region, entrepreneurs, our fellow countrymen and guests of the holiday rendered great assistance in the preparation and holding  of Sabantuy. On behalf of the residents of the district, I express my sincere gratitude to everyone for the generosity of my soul and love for my native district, its main wealth – people. After all, any successes and achievements of the region are made up of the daily work of ordinary citizens. And today, many of them will be honored for their dedicated work, including at the expense of our esteemed sponsors.

Let the current Sabantuy give all of us the most positive emotions and give new strength for creativity and constructive work! Let it enter every home with a good mood, good news and events, and serve as a new impetus for professional success! I wish you good health, life optimism, all earthly blessings! ”

The participants of the holiday were greeted by guests of honor: Advisor to the Governor of the Samara Region Viktor Kuznetsov, Deputy of the State Duma Viktor Kazakov, Deputy of the Provincial Duma Vladimir Subbotin and guests from the Republic of Tatarstan. All of them wished the residents of Kamyshlin health and prosperity, noting that glorious, hardworking people, true patriots of their land, devoted masters of their craft live in the region.

On behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chairman of the National Council of the World Congress of Tatars Vasil Shaikhraziev, the guests of Sabantuy were greeted by  head of the executive committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Kazakhstan Danis Shakirov and presented letters of thanks.

It should be noted that through the efforts of the organizers of the holiday everything was here – perky songs and dances, hoofbeats, competitions in strength and dexterity, national wrestling, as a traditional attribute of Sabantuy, honoring the batyrs of spring-field work, leaders of production, the work of presentation sites of rural settlements “National Cuisines of the District” , retail outlets and a special children’s program, and, of course, hospitality and cordiality. In sports competitions, their prize-winners and winners were determined, who were presented with worthy gifts. A resident of the village of Kamyshla Ilnar Tukhbatshin became the holder  of the title “Absolute Batyr of the District Rural Sabantuy”. He received the main prize – a ram.


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