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VI Congress of the World Congress of Tatars: ideas and proposals

VI Congress of the World Congress of Tatars: ideas and proposals

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Public Association for Social and Economic Development of the Saratov Region Zufar Khakimov says:

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to consolidate all public, political, cultural and educational forces of the Tatar community in the Russian Federation and beyond, for today our strength is in unity not only in words but also in practical matters.

To implement this concept, there are wishes that it is necessary to concentrate our  efforts in the following areas:

– Preparation and holding  annual scientific and practical conferences and competitions on the theme: “History and culture of the Tatars: A glance from the 21st century” with presentation from each region of the best research works on the Tatarology of children and adolescents 9-16 years, as well as young people aged 17-21 .

– Definition of one or more archaeological sites on the history of the Tatars and deploying  there works, for example, at the ancient settlement Ukek, whose 750th anniversary we  held on Saratov land in 2015.

– Creation of the Internet site on the basis of the TNV channel for studying issues coming from all regions of the Russian Federation concerning the quality of the work of the channel. Strengthening of the Tatar component in TNV programs.

– There is also a need to create a special radio channel broadcasting in the Tatar language throughout the Russian Federation around the clock.

– Creation of the electronic version of the Full explanatory dictionary of the Tatar language.

Especially I want to emphasize that without studying and promoting the Tatar language, history and culture of the Tatar people it will be extremely difficult to provide a reliable and happy future for Tatarstan, for the whole Tatar people.

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