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XV Kikinsky  forum “Talented  kids”

XV Kikinsky forum “Talented kids”

On March 25, an event was held, which we all eagerly awaited – the 15th traditional Kikinsky   forum “Talented kids”.

For a whole year the guys prepared themselves, composed poems and fairy tales, put and rehearsed concert items, conducted scientific research and wrote projects to present their creative achievements in Kikino.

It all started with a grand opening ceremony. The honorable mission of opening the forum went to its  founder and ideological mastermind, Akjigitov Fyarat Iskhakovich.  There were many guests: from Penza, Kazan, Kamenka and many districts of the Penza region  in the hall.

The chairman of the autonomy of the Tatars of the Penza region Bakir Usmanovich Akzhigitov,  deputy head of the administration of the Kamensky district O. Logachev, also pronounced  a welcoming speech.

Fyarit Iskhakovich Akzhigitov noted that every year the number of participants and guests is growing, including the Penza “Ak kalfak”.

After the opening ceremony, the children dispersed in sections: “Young Journalist”, “Young Storyteller”, “Regional Studies”, “Tourism”, “Folk Art”, “Ecology”, “Vocal”, “Dance”, “Performance on a musical instrument” “Young inventor”, “Information technologies, entrepreneurship in medicine, industry, education, sports”, “World and national culture”, “Artistic and author’s reading”, “Linguistics”, “Pythagoras”.

Elmira Vasilieva, chairman of the Penza “Ak Kalfak” was invited to participate in a jury in the nomination “Folk art”. After the completion of each section, the winners were awarded with medals and diplomas.

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