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 Yekaterinburg is  preparing a project for the restoration of the Tatar quarter of the XIX century

 Yekaterinburg is  preparing a project for the restoration of the Tatar quarter of the XIX century

Yekaterinburg is  preparing a project for the restoration of the Tatar quarter of the XIX century

July  06, 2020

Social activists plan to revive the unique Tatar quarter of the 19th century with the estates of wooden architecture in Yekaterinburg, landscaping them and the spaces around. This was announced on Monday by TASS  head of the PR-direction of the Museum of the History of the city Irina Kosterina.

“The participants of the Heritage School chose historic buildings, conducted research with experts and proposed new life projects with attractive investment solutions. The project “Tatar settlement of Yekaterinburg at the intersection of Europe and Asia” is dedicated to the development of the territory in the quarter of Sacco and Vanzetti-Sheinkman streets, in the XIX century the Tatar quarter was located here – this is a unique place where four masterpieces of wooden architecture have been preserved, ”she said.

According to the representative of the museum, in the near future a general concept of the quarter will be formed, including its improvement, as well as the interiors and exteriors of architectural monuments and other buildings. In addition, it is planned to develop project documentation for the restoration of buildings and start raising funds for these purposes. Kosterina clarified that social activists had already collected all the materials available on the houses of the Tatar settlement, including publications in the media and photographs of different years, drawn up floor plans and issued passports for heritage monuments. Negotiations were held with some building owners and with potential financial partners.

The houses of the Agafurovs merchants are located on the territory of the Tatar quarter – in one of them there is now the Permanent Mission of Tatarstan in the Sverdlovsk Region, in the other – the museum club. In addition, the house of the peasant Panov and the house of the merchant Lebedev have been preserved here, but both buildings have been empty for many years. Also, as the agency’s interlocutor noted, the mansion of the state adviser Miller is located on the territory of the Tatar settlement: at different times the Tatar-Bashkir club, library, the theater “Muslim center of the Urals” and the club “Natsmen” worked in the building.

This object should harmoniously merge into the ensemble of Yekaterinburg both in the architectural-historical and cultural-national terms, its initiators say. She noted that as a result, a new public space will appear in the city.

Educational project “Heritage School. Yekaterinburg ”was noted in 2019 by the Presidential Grants Fund, the amount of the payment for training, lectures and master classes for citizens amounted to more than 2 million rubles. The initiator of the school was the Manifest-16 Independent Cinema Foundation, partners were the Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg, the Office of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for the Ural Federal District, the Yekaterinburg Center for the Protection and Use of Historical and Cultural Heritage, the Yekaterinburg Special Scientific Restoration Workshop and the Bureau of Technical Expertise. As a result, participants – ordinary citizens and public figures – after a course of lectures and seminars, created 10 projects to restore the historic buildings and public places of the city.





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