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Tatar cartoon on the Internet

Tatar cartoon on the Internet

From September 16, 2014, Tatarcartoon.ru – online channel for online display new Tatar cartoons opened.

Internet channel viewers will see the first new Tatar cartoons produced by association “Tatarmultfilm”: “Shurale”, “Bikbatyr and Bikkurkak”, “Sparrow-bouncer” series “Zilant Tales” (cartoons “Wasp and Bee,” “Who’s the strongest? “,” Gosling and Lebedenok “).

September 11, trilogy “Zilantov Tales” with the main character Zilantikom was awarded the main prize of the X Kazan International Muslim Film Festival in the category of “Best Animated Film”. As acknowledged by the members of the jury, the series has become an indisputable victory for the national animation.

Already on September 16, watching cartoons-winners was possible for everyone.

Cartoon “Bikbatyr and Bikkurkak” entered in the competition program of the international animation festival “Golden Orchid”, which takes place in the United States (Pennsylvania) from 8 to 21 September.

Since September 17, cartoon “Sparrow-bouncer” will be on display in Belarus in the competition program of the International Festival of Animated Film “Animajevka.”

Open Broadcast of Tatar new cartoons on the internet channel Tatarcartoon.ru allows to acquaint the general public with the latest developments of animation industry in Tatarstan.

On this Site www.tatarmultfilm.ru

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