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“To Hay Market came I once again…”

November 22, 2013, at 14.00, an exhibition “To Hay Market came I once again…” dedicated to 105th anniversary of G. Tukai, a satirical poem “Hay Market or New Kisekbash”opens in the Tukai Literary Museum.

Collections of the RT National Museum houses many exhibits, which shed light on the heroes of “New Kisekbash” and those parts of Kazan where the events described in the work take place: photographs and personal belongings of Sadri Maksudi and Guinan Vaisov, who are mentioned in the poem, postcards of Kazan, beginning of the twentieth century. The exhibition also features works of art, inspired by the poem. Visitors will not only see first life – time editions of “Hay market, or New Kisekbash”, but the books of Tatar writers who were inspired by this particular poem.

Toponymics of many Tukai poems are associated with unique corners of old Kazan and the Old Tatar settlement. He loved to walk on its streets, by the banks of Lake Kaban, came to the newspapers Koyash and Yulduz, which published his works appeared in the Orient and the Merchants’ Club meetings, and lived close, in hotel rooms of Bulgarand, Amur where under the very windows of the Hay Market was seething.

Hay Market was a commercial, social and cultural center of the Old Tatar settlement of those years – noisy, discordant place, inhabited by motley lively trade and craft people. Their colorful description is found in a satirical Tukai’s “Hay Market or New Kisekbash”.

The creators of the exhibition wanted to show guests not only history of the poem, which can be called an encyclopedia of Old Tatar settlements and cultural, economic , social and political life of Kazan of Tukai’s times, but also the impact of the work on development of Tatar literature and arts.

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