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Daily Archives: 11.11.2019

In October, Sochi held a week of belt wrestling Koresh

November 11,  2019 The city of Sochi, according to tradition, once again confirms the status of a city in which special attention is paid to mass and professional sports. In October of this year, on the basis of the gymnasium No. 6 of Sochi, a week of belt koresh wrestling took place, in which more than three hundred primary school ...

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Belgian Tatars will spend an evening of Tatar culture in Brussels

November  11, 2019 November 15 in Brussels, the Tatar community of Belgium will hold a creative meeting with lovers of art, dance genre, lovers of beauty and ethnic creativity. Aysyl Mirkhafizkhan will take part in the meeting, who will talk about Tatar culture and traditions, dance fragments from classical ballet and Tatar national dance, and hold a master class in ...

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