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“Bez  buldyrabyz! Yes, We Can!”: Mintimer Shaimiev thanked everyone who congratulated him on his 85th birthday

Now the State Councilor of the Republic, Mintimer Shaimiev, has made a response speech, with which he addressed those who congratulated him on his 85th birthday.

– Thank you for many years of cooperation and mutual understanding, for joint, great deeds that are already inscribed in the modern history of the republic. I’ll start with the main thing – how wonderful it is when you yourself are present at your 85th birthday! It seems to me that there can be no better gift for the hero of the day!!! I remember how on my 70th birthday I said: “The anniversary is mine, but the years are not mine!” Indeed, I myself can not believe that I am 85 years old. When you are involved in work, you don’t think about it – there is no time. Every day is filled with new tasks, as I took responsibility for specific deeds before people,” Shaimiev said and quoted the Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukay. – Love life, love your people, honor the people’s dream … Bez  buldyrabyz! It’s up to us! We can!

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