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Tatar people’s theater “BYL–BYL” again on stage

By popular demand, the Tatar people’s  theater “Byl-byl” re-showed its play “Oh, kүgәrchenkaem!” based on the play by Florid Bulyakov in DK Rybatsky. And although this House of Culture is not close, the hall was full of spectators. Many watched the performance not for the first time, but reacted to the funny situations in it with such sincere laughter, as if they were watching it for the first time. It seems the same performance, but the artists played it a little differently.
Rustam Sibagatov, who plays the role of Abdullah, was on a roll and performed his role masterfully and artistically.

The roles of women from the nursing home were played by Sirina Zinurova, Gulnisa ​​Latypova, Guzel Hadieva and Rakhima Moiseeva. They also showed the audience professionally honed images of their heroines. All these women have completely different characters, but they all strive for the warmth of their hearth, for love and care, for a family.

The performance ended with applause and shouts of “afәrin!” and “bravo!”.

Theater director Sirina Zinurova and her group of actors are preparing a new performance and we hope to see it soon. We wish the artists of the folk theater creative success, health and peace!

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