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A journey of 2 hours with Ruzal Mukhammetshin

A journey of 2 hours with Ruzal Mukhammetshin

On October 27, at 19.00, on the Small Stage of Kamal Theater. a meeting with the Poet and Person.

The meeting will take place on two levels:

– Life / Biography of Ruzal

– Poetry / Destiny of Creator

At the point of intersection of these two planes, the mystery of Ruzal Mukhammetshin to be unraveled. But you have to make an attempt, including viewers. The role of ordinary viewer … – in this case just is not possible.

So …

Снимок23окт14 9Mukhammetshin Ruzal Faizovich. Born May 25, 1989 in the village of Tatarskaya of the Tola Kukmor region. The first

three classes he learned in his native village, and the next seven trained in Russian school at the neighboring village. After graduating from high school, enters the Kazan Humanitarian Pedagogical University. Today he is the editor of the youth magazine “Idel”. Author collections of poems “Chernovik (Draft)”, “The Wolf I am.” The author of the libretto “Ak bүre.” The RT M. Jalil Award laureate. With his wife Milyausha fosters son Idel.

Spectators will be able to:

– See Ruzal Muhammetshina on the stage;

– Hear the poem in his performance;

– To conduct a conversation with him;

– To get acquainted with his book “The Wolf I am ” and buy it, autographed by the author;

– To be a witness and participant in an organized “hunt” on Ruzal;

– Hear the song on the verses of the poet, the composer’s works by Elmira Galimova especially for this evening (played by the quartet LA PRIMAVERA);

– Listen to the part of Diu from the opera “Ak bүre” performed by singer Ayrat Imashev;

– To witness the dialogue between Ruzal Mukhammetshin with his contemporaneous – poetess Yoldyz Minnulina.

Ruzal Mukhammetshin: Poet. Publicist. Philosopher. Stranger. His creativity raises such questions, answers to which are not all are looking for, makes you wonder, deprives the rest, pulls you out of the ordinary state of drowsiness. He is one of those poets who speak boldly and straightforward. These poets in our time are needed very much. Not only in order to go on and win the public square, but to talk heartbreakingly sincere and from the heart, forcing the listener to shudder. Poetry by Ruzal Mukhammetshin attracts by its directness, rebellious, sometimes manifests teenage maximalism, simplicity, naivety, his struggle with mediocrity. Many see his poetry in the first national public pathos, treating him as a street poet, tribune. And overlook his fine lyrics. At the upcoming evening you will be able to get acquainted with philosophical lyrics, and imbued with a peculiar sense of humor poems.

The meeting will be attended by:

Ruzal Mukhammetshin – poet, essayist; Tahir Nasybullin – presenter; Yulduz Minnullina – poet; Elmira Galimova – composer; Ayrat Imashev – singer. Quartet LA PRIMAVERA.

Musical atmosphere of the evening to be created by : «FAME» HOLZ QUARTET. Cast: Maria Kurotshkina – flute, Diana Zakirova – oboe, Jaroslav Artemiev – clarinet, Ruslan Kavaykin – bassoon. Director – Vladimir Kislitysn.

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