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A new mosque in the center of Kazan

A new mosque in the center of Kazan

Very soon, in the heart of the city, the mosque with separate women’s room, takharatkhana, cafe and restaurant with 100% halal cuisine to be commissioned.

This mosque is located in the complex “Tugan avylym” (“Native Village”) at the address. Tufan Minnullin street 14.

October 24 mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Hazrat Samigullin visited and inspected the building complex, where in the future a new mosque to be opened.

According to the co-owner of the restaurant complex “Tugan avylym” and co-owner of “Bulatov GROUP” Radik Mukharryamov for everyone mosque would work around the clock, so walk and arrive here to pray is possible at any time, no problems with parking – for autos a special platform made.

Note that the complex “Tugan avylym” has appeared to the millennium of the city of Kazan. Its concept was to create a “Tatar village in the central part of Kazan for tourists and

visitors could feel the depths of the Tatar sticks, and imagine how life looked like in ancient times among Tatars. Today, with the emergence of the concept of the mosque, the complex truly becomes a full finished ensemble. Note that the style of the mosque is designed in Tatar coloring, buildings are made of whole logs.

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